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Having scratches on your car is so annoying, but we can fix it for you quickly and economically


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Car Wash Scratch Remover Service

Light surface scratches like those from car washes are very common.

We can quickly and cost effectively remove scratches which are only in the surface lacquer layer & not through the paint, getting your vehicle back to it’s former glory with the minimum of fuss & disruption.


Multi Panel Vandal Scratch Removal Service

Sometimes malicious damage occurs to your pride and joy.

Rather than a costly body shop quote, which usually involves claiming on your insurance, we can repair the vandal scratches on multiple panels of your vehicle quickly & cost effectively.

Deep Or Light Key Scratch Remover Service

Some key scratches are from opening the car door, others are deliberate acts of vandalism.

Whether you need scratch remover for light surface scratches, or deeper vandal scratches across several panels, we can remove scratches quickly, cost effectively & often without you claiming on your insurance.

Deep Paint Scratch Removal Service

Sometimes the scratches & scuffing you need removing are deep & down to metal.

It’s important to get deep scratches removed as quickly as possible to not only make your car look good, but to protect the bodywork underneath the primer, paint & lacquer.

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