Bumper Scuff Repair

Bumper Scuff Repairs – Shrewsbury, Telford & Shropshire


If you need a bumper scuff repair and want to know if scuffed bumpers can be repaired quickly and economically, then the short answer is – YES, we can help you!

A scuffed bumper repair is the most common type of repair we carry out for our customers on their cars, vans and motorhomes bumpers.

So if you’d like to know how much a scuffed plastic bumper repair would be, then you can obtain your FREE estimate by just entering your details below…

Bumper Scuff Repair
Plastic Bumper Repairs

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We Repair Scuffs On Vans Motorhomes Campers Cars

Scuffed Bumper Repair

Why Choose Ace To Repair Your Scuffed Bumper?


When you choose us to repair the scuff on your damaged bumper, you can expect….

As well as bumper repairs, we also do wheel repairsscratch repairs & dent repairs, this is in addition to offering other tuning & styling services for cars, vans & motorhomes.

We Repair Scuffs On Vans Motorhomes Campers Cars

How We Repair Bumper Scuffs

When we repair the scuffs on your car, van or motorhome bumper we have a 13 step process that we follow to ensure we get consistently high quality end results.

You can watch the video below and see bumper scuff repair take place, showing all the steps we take to restore it back to it’s former glory.

Cost To Repair Scuffed Bumpers

Are you wondering what the costs to repair your scuffed plastic bumper will be?

If you’d like to get approximate repair costs, you can click the button below to obtain a FREE estimate to see how little it could be….

If you’d like to see each step of our 13 step repair process in more detail, click HERE to see  an image of the step & a full description of the process at each stage of the repair.