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Car Scratch Repair Shrewsbury

If you're looking for a car scratch repair service in Shrewsbury, Telford or Shropshire, and you want to choose people who will take care of your vehicle like their own, give you honest & reliable advice, repair your car scratches quickly & efficiently charge a fair price - We might just be right for you!

Repairs To Car Scratches

Having scratches on your car is annoying, but we can fix them for you quickly, efficiently & economically (usually in 1 day)

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  • Scratches
  • Key Marks
  • Scuffs
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  • Buffing

Ace Car Care - Car Scratch Repair Specialists In Shrewsbury

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  • Light Scratches
Scratch Remover For Car Wash Scratches

Car Wash & Light Scratch Repairs Shrewsbury

Prices from £60

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  • Vandal Scratch
Vandal Scratch Removal

Car Vandal Scratch Repair Service

Prices from £180

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  • Key Scratches
Key Scratch Remover Service

Key Scratch Repairs In Car Paintwork

Prices from £150

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  • Deep Scratches
Car Scratch Removal On Wheel Arches

Deep Car Paint Scratch Repair In Shropshire

Prices from £180

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Car Scratch Repair In Shrewsbury, Telford & Shropshire.

At Ace Car Care, we can carry out your car scratch repair in Shropshire & other paintwork repairs to bring your car, van, motorhome or motorbike back to its former glory in a fraction of the time and cost of having it repaired by a traditional bodyshop.

Paint imperfections like bumper scuffs, dents and a deep car scratch repair can be quickly carried out to restore your car paint finish back to its original condition.

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Preserve the value of your car.

Painted bumper scuffs, dents and car paint scratches look unsightly and affect the resale value of your car.

If the paintwork on your car has been scratched so that the bare metal is exposed, this area will be prone to rust, and will ultimately cost more to repair in the long run, than having a car scratch repair carried out to prevent it rusting.

Using our low-cost and innovative SMART repair+ solution we can normally carry out a car scratch repair to your car, van or camper in just 1 day, repairing car park scuffs, scrapes, key and vandal scratches to make your car look as good as new.

Light surface car scratch, swirl marks, bird lime and surface oxidization/fading.

Light car paint scratches such as from a car wash or finger nail scratches may be able to be removed or significantly reduced without the need for painting.

Bird lime etched into the paintwork may also be repaired without painting if only the surface has been marked.

Swirl marks scratches caused by over polishing or dust/dirt on polishing cloths, showing up more on dark coloured cars, can usually be removed without painting.

Certain colours are also prone to oxidization and fading (particularly reds and whites) which we can usually rejuvinate with our specialised processes.

By carrying out careful colour sanding and using a range of abrasive compounds and polishes with our machine polishing equipment, these blemishes can normally be rectified without the need for painting.

Cost Of A Car Scratch Repair.

It is easy to get a car scratch repair price to maintain the appearance and value of your car – call Ace Car Care Shrewsbury today on 01743 466111 or call in to our car care centre for a FREE no obligation car scratch repair quote!

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Deep Car Scratch Repair In Paintwork

With years of experience of car body repairs to car paint scratches and panel defects on all makes of cars, vans & motorhomes, from the most minor of scrapes up to the longest of vandal scratches, including dented panels, you can be assured of a great job.

Our car paintwork scratch repair service, expertly colour matches to your original paintwork, and comes with a paintwork guarantee.

Car Scratch Repair Price.

From a minor car scratch repair to a full side key scratch repair, you can get your on-line paint scratch repair price guide to get an idea of how much your car scratch repair price will be.

And our quick, friendly and personal scratch repair service will save you £££'s - and you'll be amazed at the results you'll get!

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“Ace car care were fantastic from beginning to end.   The staff are all friendly and helpful and most importantly as a woman who knows little about cars I didn’t feel intimidated or ripped off.   The bodywork repair was immaculate and as good as new..... I would definitely recommend them and use them again.   Thank you to all at Ace.”

- Karen Green, Audi Q2


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